Dentist in Sanjay Nagar Bangalore.

Dentist in Sanjay Nagar Bangalore, Kasthuri Dental Care Center is a premier dental clinic in Bangalore offering comprehensive dental care, including treatments for a variety of dental conditions as well as cosmetic dental procedures.

Pioneered by an experienced dynamic dentist in Sanjay Nagar Bangalore, Dr Vibha Shetty, Kasthuri Dental Care Center brings you the best of dentistry. We have the optimal dental solution for you regardless of whether you need a simple dental cleaning or a more involved cosmetic procedure for your teeth or gums.
Because we believe in putting our patients first and want to build a robust and lasting relationship with them, our team work hard to ensure that every patient receives exceptional dental care and personal attention delivered with warmth and compassion.

Our patient's well-being is always at the core of our work as we deliver competent solutions with the least amount of danger or complications using cutting-edge technologies.

The dental professionals and support staff at Kasthuri Dental Care Center treat patients of all ages and take special precautions to keep them comfortable throughout procedures. We are committed to helping our patients maintain excellent dental health and beautiful smiles.

Kasthuri Dental Care uses a systematic approach to dental consultations, treatment planning, and cost-effective treatments. The dental clinic is outfitted with modern safety measures and equipment.

Dentist In Sanjay Nagar Bangalore

Dentist in Sanjay Nagar Bangalore - Why choose us as your service provider.

We provide all the speciality dental treatments from various branches of dentistry like prosthodontics, endodontics (root canal therapy) Pedodontics (children's dentistry), cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics (braces), periodontics (gum treatment), dental implants.

Moreover, We provide a wide range of solutions at our clinic, together with a simple patient communication process for a quicker response. Also, in order to make treatment more accessible and affordable our clinic offers a variety of payment methods, financing options, cash, and credit.

All members of the team follow safety procedures to help ensure your family's safety while at Kasthuri Dental Care Center. Additional safety precautions are taken during the presiding COVID-19 pandemic. We offer a very sterile environment, following some of the best hygiene practices in the industry

Our clinic provides personalized treatments. Every individual has a beautiful smile, which we understand well. Your care will also be customized to your needs and take into consideration your primary concerns. Our practice focuses on the patient. You will be able to see and experience the connection we develop with our patients as we help you through your appointment. Our expert dentist in Sanjaynagar Bangalore. goes the extra mile to ensure you feel at ease and confident.

We'll work at your pace in our clinic, which is a judgment-free environment so you can rest easy knowing your comfort is our priority. Those with unique needs brought on by severe anxiety or those who are easily frightened by dental treatments can receive the attention they need from us owing to our expertise.

We would never recommend an operation that we wouldn't advise loved ones to have, so any procedures offered are for the patient's benefit. Our team is here to assist you and we realize that proper dental care involves a lifetime of dedication which we will provide.


About Dr. Vibha Shetty - Dentist in Sanjay Nagar Bangalore.

Dr. Vibha Shetty - MDS - dentist in Sanjaynagar Bangalore, Prosthodontics, Fellow and Diplomate in Oral Implantology Dr. Vibha Shetty is an expert at restoring and enhancing smiles. She specializes in using the most cutting-edge scientific techniques to replace lost teeth. For nearly 25 years, she has instructed students from India and around the world in prosthodontics and implantology.

Dr Vibha Shetty has been offering excellent, affordable dental care at Kasthuri Dental Care in Bengaluru to suit every budget to residents of Sanjaynagar, Bangalore, as well as many others from all over the nation and the globe, including the Middle East, the Far East, USA, UK, Lebanon and Italy. Dr
She holds a number of degrees in implantology and prosthodontics. She has received advanced training in implants from the greatest practitioners worldwide.

Services by our dentist in sanjaynagar bangalore.

● Complete/Partial Dentures
● Fixed replacements with implants
● Painless single-sitting root canal treatment
● Impaction / Impacted Tooth Extraction
● Teeth Whitening, Bleaching
● Scaling / Polishing
● Crowns and Bridges Fixing
● Dental Fillings
● Tooth Extraction
● Acrylic Partial Denture
● Dental Braces including invisible braces

● Cast Partial Denture
● Endo-Surgery or Apicoectomy
● Fixed Partial Denture (FPD)
● Flexible Partial Dentures
● Maxillo Facial Prosthodontics
● Orthognathic Surgery
● Periodontal Plastic Surgery
● Bite corrections
● Pain management
● Night grinding solutions
● Sleep apnea management