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dental clinic in Bangalore

Dental Clinic In Bangalore

Kasthuri Dental Care Center is a premier dental clinic in Bangalore that has been offering comprehensive dental care for the past 25 years. Dr. Vibha Shetty, an accomplished and driven dentist, founded Kasthuri Dental Care Center to provide the highest caliber of dental care. Starting out in a smaller location before expanding to a larger facility in Sanjaynagar, fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, Kasthuri Dental Care Center has always provided excellent patient services.

Our multidisciplinary team is devoted to providing the greatest level of care possible and treating patients as a whole, not just their teeth.  Whether you require a basic dental cleaning or a more comprehensive aesthetic operation for your teeth or gums, we have the best dental solution for you. We work hard to make sure that every patient receives top-notch dental care and individualized attention delivered with warmth and compassion because we believe in putting our patients first and want to develop a solid and lasting relationship with them. The health of our patients is always at the centre of what we do as we provide expert solutions with the least amount of risk of problems by utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

Patients of all ages are treated at Kasthuri Dental Care Center, and the dental team and support personnel go out of their way to make sure that everyone is comfortable. We are dedicated to giving our patients the dental care they need to keep their teeth healthy and attractive. Dental consultations, treatment planning, and economically sensible procedures are all done in a methodical manner. The dental clinic is outfitted with modern safety measures and equipment.


Patients come to our dental clinic in bangalore because of our exceptional treatments, and they depart as friends because we are able to empathize with each one of them individually. The hygiene we uphold at Kasthuri Dental Care Center is the second thing that receives positive feedback. Just to make sure we are never caught off guard, we go above and beyond the required standards of cleanliness and safety. Numerous COVID-19 precautions that we were previously taking prior to the pandemic are now in place.

We place a lot of emphasis on our ability to speak with patients patiently, thoroughly explain their diagnosis to them, and provide them with a range of treatment options. We make sure to discuss the issue, its origin, and all of the potential solutions rather than just choosing their treatment approaches. At Kasthuri Dental Care Center, we are aware that a patient's dental troubles could be related to other problems like poor sleep, unhealthy eating habits, and lifestyle conditions. Based on their priorities and finances, we carefully evaluate the patients and present them with multifaceted treatments.

Dr Vibha Shetty


Dr Vibha Shetty is an expert at restoring and enhancing smiles. She specializes in using the most cutting-edge scientific techniques to replace lost teeth. She has been teaching prosthodontics and implantology to students from India and all around the world for close to 25 years. Her super specialty is in Oral Implantology, and she holds a Master's degree in prosthodontics. She has a fellowship from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and she’s a fellow of the International Team of Implantology, Basel, Switzerland. Dr. Vibha is also actively involved in the Indian Dental Association Indian Society for Periodontics, Restorative, and Prosthodontics as well as the Indian Prosthodontics Society. She is also a member of the American Association for Health Professions Education. Smile Design is Dr. Vibha’s core interest.

Her personal motto is,‘’ You must treat every patient who sits on your chair like they are an immediate family member. If you had your parent or your child sitting on the chair, what is the treatment you would want for that person? That is what you would do for that individual. You cannot go wrong with that patient with this approach.’’

This has been a single constant drive that Dr Vibha has followed since she started her practice.


Dental Clinic In bangalore

Meet Our Team

Dr Ranganath K

He is a senior oral surgeon and professor who is an expert in dealing with oral and maxillofacial trauma. An oral surgeon specializes in surgery that focuses on facial reconstruction, facial trauma surgery, oral surgery, head and neck surgery, jaw surgery, facial aesthetic surgery, and facial plastic surgery, including repair of cleft lip and palate.

Dr. Ranganath Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Bangalore

Dr. Vinay Reddy

A senior orthodontist and professor who specializes in Invisalign. Orthodontists are dental professionals with training in dental and facial deformities prevention, diagnosis, and therapy. They offer a variety of treatment procedures to realign the jaws, rectify poor bites, and straighten crooked teeth. An orthodontist also assists with the treatment of temporomandibular disorders

Dr. Vinay Reddy Orthodontist Bangalore

Dr. Rekha Shreekanth

She is an orthodontist who also practices at Kasthuri Dental Care Center. She treats issues like overbites, open bite, crossbites, spaces between teeth, and tooth crowding. An orthodontist is required to correct any other jaw issues.

DR.REKHA SRIKANT Orthodontist Bangalore

Dr Mahantesh

Consultant periodontist who does gum treatments with lasers and grafting procedures. A periodontist is a dentist who focuses on identifying, treating, and preventing gum disease. He also does aesthetic treatments called depigmentation where the colour of the gums is lightened, and the effect lasts at least 2-3 years. We also change the shape of the teeth and gums using the laser.

Periodontist in Bangalore

Dr. Rakesh

He is an oral consultant who deals with a whole host of oral pathologies in the mouth, especially salivary gland pathologies. Dentistry's field of oral pathology specializes in the detection and management of oral disorders, such as oral cancer. Research, diagnosis, examination, and therapy are all aspects of illness management that pathologists are involved in.

Dr. Rakesh Oral Pathologist

Dr Keerthy Melleppura

She is a full-time prosthodontist at Kasthuri Dental Care Center. A prosthodontist is a dental specialist with intensive focused training in tooth restoration and replacement. A prosthodontist replaces teeth and improves oral health and function. She does a lot of the removable complete denture work, removable prosthesis, fixed bridges and the final work on the implants.

Dr Keerthy Melleppura

Why choose our Dental clinic in Bangalore - Kasthuri Dental Care Center?


We use cutting-edge technology such as t scan, a digital measure of your bite. It detects pathologies that exist or can arise due to a poorly aligned bite. These problems can range from unexplained decay to lack of sleep. If sticky material is uncomfortable for you, Kasthuri Dental care has the solution. We make digital impressions, which is like a 3D picture of your teeth and bite. This not just creates a permanent record that's stored digitally and can be sent to the patient, but it also reduces the ecological burden of biowaste. We have switched from conventional impressions to digital impressions now. Kasthuri Dental Care Center has a digital protocol for almost the entire treatment procedure.


Today, we can proudly declare that we have evolved into a cutting-edge clinic that provides the greatest care imaginable in all respects. We provide single-siting root canal treatments, and our specialty is that we never suggest crowns unless they are absolutely necessary. Presently, a single-siting root canal can be completed with little to no pain.

Additionally, we perform periodontal therapy, which is essentially gum surgery for those who are losing bone around their teeth. Both young and old people can experience this problem. To solve this issue, we use contemporary laser technology at our dental clinic in bangalore.


We are quite thorough in that we can demand a full diagnostic procedure, which may include x-rays and a three-dimensional CT scan called a CBCT so that we can determine exactly where and what the problem is so we can fix it with graft materials. The name of this procedure is guided bone regeneration. Our goal is to assist patients in maintaining their own teeth for as long as feasible.


Aesthetic fillings are typical when it comes to dental restorations. Silver fillings are less prevalent than composite fillings, which we also offer. However, when composite fillings might not be the best option, we opt for cosmetic inlays, which can be created from zirconia or metal-free ceramic. With regard to braces, we use Invisalign, its variations, and lingual brackets so that patients can correct their teeth without anybody being able to tell they are wearing braces.

Reasons people choose Us

Kasthuri Dental Care Center also specialises in pain management. We get patients coming to us with pain in their temporomandibular joint, which could be due to a long-standing bite problem. We can identify this problem with a Bite Scan and find suitable solutions, including an extensive procedure called Full-mouth Rehabilitation, and that is where dental experts like Dr Vibha step in to reshape and redesign the entire biting service.


“A collateral benefit of the treatments offered by us is that they have an improved smile. Every patient that leaves Kasthuri Dental Care Center will never hesitate to smile with joy and confidence.”

We prefer to see children early, by the age of 3, and we put them on preventive treatment, sealants, and fluoride therapy until their permanent teeth have come in. Then, we keep up with preventive measures to put off the child's initial decay and perhaps even help him or her grow up to be an adult with no decay issues at all. Our practices and treatment strategies are firmly grounded in the idea that prevention is preferable to therapy.

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